New Report Uncovers Hidden Tax on Justice in Nearly All 50 States

This new national survey reveals the extent of mandatory surcharges & assessments in every traffic, criminal, or local case. See how your state stacks up!

Hidden Taxes Don’t Belong Anywhere, Least of All in Our Justice System

Picture this: On your way home from work after a long week, you’re pulled over and issued a ticket for rolling through a stop sign. The fine is $75 — but once mandatory fees are tacked on, the ticket’s total cost is over $300.

Press Release: National Campaign to Eliminate Justice System Fees Launches Today

Today, a bipartisan coalition spearheaded by the Fines and Fees Justice Center, Americans for Prosperity, and the ACLU is launching the End Justice Fees campaign — the first national campaign to eliminate all fees in the justice system and discharge fee debt.

Why Is the Nevada Department of Corrections Profiting off Struggling Families?

Most people assume that necessities like food and emergency medical care are provided for people locked up in prisons and jails. In Nevada, they come at a steep cost — and it’s struggling families who are paying exorbitant prices to provide for their incarcerated loved ones, while the Department of Corrections (DOC) makes outrageous profits.

Op-Ed: Policing-for-Profit Undermines Public Safety. This Town Shows A Better Way.

Effective law enforcement depends on strong relationships within the community. It requires officers who act as problem-solvers rather than punishers. But when police are forced to take responsibility for balancing municipal budgets, it turns communities into commodities and makes communities bitter rather than better.

Feed Your Family or Fund the Courts? The Link Between Fines, Fees, and Food Insecurity

Floridians struggling with court debt are then forced to make an impossible choice: do you buy food and basic necessities — or risk arrest, jail time, and the loss of your license? Many choose to give up food.